“Seid ihr von der FDP oder was?” somebody is screaming from the 3rd floor. First i did not understand. Then it dawned on me. They have nothing to do any more. Very smart.


It is because of the protestants, a very friendly teacher explains to me while helping to drag my trolly all the way up hill. Work work work your way up to heaven. But stuttgartians dont brag about their wealth he says. Have it but dont show it. Except for cars. Otherwise it is mainly about the heaven thing. We also talk about the guilt feeling when doing nothing. Isn’t that protestant too? I was raised protestant. Very. And now see where it has lead me.

tired of it

my last week in stuttgart is about to begin and i am looking forward to the end of it. doing nothing was the response to the city i had. i have been squatting places and art institutions for 2 weeks now. stuttgart seems saturated and empty at once. it seems like there is almost no space for “something else”. social or political projects and the protest movements are wiped out. they protested, but it was simply ignored by politics. in the end, they build stuttgart 21, they sell villa berg to an investor, the contain´t people are pushed out of the city limits and further. there is a lot of value and commodities and mercedes that get produced, but no sense. i get paralyzed by the southern german feeling nothing. queer isolation. makes me want something to explode.